The Q3 is Audi's entry into the subcompact crossover SUV segment. Let us take a look at the design features that make the Audi Q3 popular with consumers.

High Beam Assist

The LED headlights on the Audi Q3 come standard with High-Beam Assist. A camera on the interior rearview mirror acts as a light sensor detecting light from oncoming vehicles. The oncoming headlights activate the High-Beam Assist automatically dimming the Q3's headlights.

Sequential Turning Signals

?Audi's sequential turning signals are intended to make the Q3 stand out not for aesthetics but for safety's sake. Turning signals are traditionally a single blinking light. The Q3's sequential turning signals are a series of lights that turn on and off at regular intervals making the turn signals more visible when visibility is limited. Contact Audi Marietta for more information.


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